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Escape and relax at Mandinam estate based in Carmarthenshire. Mandinam boasts 450 acres of parkland and woodland in which guests are free to roam and take in the surrounding countryside and views of the Towy Valley. Stay in the comfort of our¬†Romantic Gypsy Van and Shepherd’s Hut for the ultimate private Glamping experience, including Wood Burner, Barbecue and the luxury of your own Hot Tub. Mandinam is the perfect location offering peace and quiet within your own secluded location on the estate.


“But so I have seen the sun with a little ray of distant light challenge all the power of darkness, and without violence and noise climbing up the hill, hath made Night so to retire, that its memory was lost in the joyes and spritefulness of the morning….!”

Jeremy Taylor 1613 – 1667

A simile about the oppression of righteousness, these words of Jeremy Taylor could have been inspired by the dawn at Mandinam where he lived when he escaped after the execution of his king during the civil war.

The Gypsy Van

Shepherd’s Hut

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

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The Bluebell Wagon

The Cabin

The Cabin